Forgetting Sarah Marshall ★★

I am going to take a rare break from my Letterboxd persona to mention that in the past I have been a rather successful author who has published a couple of short novels (not novellas) and has a bit of a cult following. I publish under a pseudonym, so if you go searching for Disgustipated on Amazon you won't find my books. I was a bit of a one hit wonder anyway, and most people wouldn't even recognise my name.

So, back in 2008 I was a sitting on a panel at a MOMA event discussing the death of post-modernism or some such thing. It just so happened that Mila was also on the panel. She had just blown up at the time, after her success in this film. She also happens to be incredibly intelligent, eloquent and funny, so she suddenly found herself getting invited to these kinds of things all the time.

Anyway, turns out she decided to participate in this particular panel because she heard I was going to be there. Turns out she is a fan of my writing. So, after the panel we got together and we hit it off right away. We had a big long stupid discussion about how hard it was for people of our generation who grew up under the weight of post-modernism to handle all of these feelings and what-not of the new sincerity movement.

We were also talking about how sad it was that David Foster Wallace had passed away only a month or two before, which sort of undid our whole argument, but irony is another affliction of the post-modern generation...

Naturally, the conversation then turned to her recent success in this film, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. If you have seen it then it will be no surprise to you why this catapulted her from TV to the big screen. She hasn't got a lot to work with but she has such a remarkable presence. There are two types of scenes in this film, scenes with Mila in them and scenes without Mila in them. All of the latter scenes should have been removed from the final cut because the film only sputters to life when she is in frame.

Anyway, she told me that she thought the movie was actually pretty horrid. She suspects that Jason Segal wrote the whole movie because he wanted to show everyone what a big dong he has. Having said that, she loves Jason and thinks he is a great guy and is indebted to him. In fact, he really is a great guy, I met him a few weeks later in L.A. and he was really cool.

I don't have really much to add but my little story. To be honest, I kind of agree with Mila. I found it rather tedious and boring. But it has been a pretty popular film so I am sure that she and I are in the minority opinion. I am going to go back to being plain old DP now and stop name dropping and all that crap. I just couldn't resist mentioning that I spent a night in conversation with Mila Kunis.

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