Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

Overall, I dare say I liked it. However, I have not eliminated the possibility that this film is less than innocent of being flawed. Therefore, I must revisit the crime scene to know for sure that I truly enjoyed this film as I do declare that currently I can not formulate a clear opinion either way.


- Daniel Craig's performance was magnetic on the one hand. The man has a commanding presence in whatever he does. On the other, his Atticus Finch impression was distracting.

- Ana De Armas' Marta was endearing. Her wide eyes and cute nose were adorable. And her portrayal of genuine kindness and pure heartedness was affecting. The whole vomiting pinocchio stunt was kind of original if not a tiny bit stupid.

- The rest of the cast was populated by strong actors providing distinct and varied characters. Varied that is within the parameters of a very wealthy white family kind of way. Jamie Lee Curtis' curt bitchiness and Micheal Shannon's whining baby were particular good, although Chris Evan's bad boy was less than convincing.

- The allegory of rich white people being insular, naive of other classes and races, primarily focused on wealth and constant in-fighting representing privileged people to one degree or another throughout society is pushed hard. All pertinent themes of the day but for me neither the commentary nor the satire hit the mark.

- The Thrombey's back-patting for their progressiveness towards Marta in contrast to their ignorance of her actual life experience is a little on the nose but is also never treated anything more than superficially. At the very least, it makes Marta a more sympathetic character.

- The house is incredible. The set design is busy with interesting visual details and jokes. The cinematography in these limited spaces capture busy rooms, stuffed full of a lifetime of acquisition worthy of Xanadu, while at the same time being dynamic and inventive, using movement and angles to great affect.

- While being convoluted, the plot was chock full of twists and turns, some tiresome, others truly surprising and fun. However, the pacing was as plodding as Walt Thrombey's cane. By the end I didn't care who killed who with what in which room. Well, OK that's not entirely true, but it wasn't without a few yawns along the way.

In conclusion, I am not sure what I think of the film. Admittedly, my patience may have been reduced by the fact that one of my lymph nodes blew up to the size of a grapefruit thirty minutes into the movie, which freaked me the fuck out (turns out I have shingles!). So, I will indubitably watch it again one day.

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