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Patchwork riffs on the Frankenstein standard taking an interestingly fresh angle. Denise, Ellie and Madeleine have been slaughtered and sliced up to create a pool of spare body parts. Stapled back together into a carefully designed recombination of their best bits, they are then re-animated and the perfect woman is born. One body occupied by three minds. Much violence and chuckles ensue.

And the laughs are pretty good. The three actresses playing each of the Frankenwoman's occupants have some great lines and they deliver them like they administer their retribution: short, sharp and brutal. One liners explode throughout the film like shards of glass flying directly at your face. You never know when one is going to pierce straight through your eye and tickle your mirth activating neurons. Besides all that, they have taken full advantage of the girls tentative attempts to drive their new body, the pitfalls of it's shonky assemblage job, the absurdity of the whole situation and Archimedes the owl-cat (don't ask, you'll see).

The film is broken up into chunks and much like the Frankentriumvirate it is also seamed together like a jigsaw puzzle. In contrast, this is no haphazard hack job. Clearly delineated by chapter titles, each section manipulates the suspense and the surprises via the perfect structuring of flashbacks and alternating points of view. This certainly tees the film up for a few curve balls and pleasantly unexpected reveals.

Denise is a bitch, Ellie is a ditz and Madeleine is umm.. Madeleine Between them they exhibit a sampler box of perceived flaws. But the blokes in this film are total jackasses. Narcissistic, abusive and dumb as a team of oxen, it is clear that their derision, judgement and selfishness does nothing to help the situation. If guys weren't such jerks, ladies could accept who they are and revel in thier uniqueness. Sort of. A little bit of insight and pro-social behavioral modification along the way has never hurt anyone...

Effectively employing that whole 80s throwback style that is so in vogue at the moment while smoothly integrating it with a slick millenial sensibility, this film is a cut above the current crop. With its wit and its absurdly wrought ridiculousness it will have you in stitches. In summary, this movie hit me like a buzzsaw to the head and I loved it.

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