The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★½

Hooptober 3.0 (2016) #14

This movie is crazy like a chainsaw dropped in a bucket of cow guts. Blood, entrails and bone fragments are flying everywhere without a single connecting ligature holding any of it together. However, despite this movie being splattered all over the butcher shop floor it still manages to be some good fun.

The beginning is a cracker. We have a couple of asshole youths driving along the highway in Texas. They are calling a local DJ of a rock 'n' roll requests hotline from their car phone, giving her a hard time and holding up the line. In the meantime they decide to play chicken with some local yokels which was probably not such a great idea. The subsequent mayhem and murder is all caught on tape via the phone call at the radio station.

The DJ, named stretch presumably because when she talks and smiles her mouth looks like it opens wider than her whole head (hmm... or maybe there is another reason I dont want to think about) is approached by the father of the survivor from the first film, played by Hollywood's own sociopath Dennis Hopper, to broadcast it on a non-stop loop every hour to try and smoke out the chainsaw wielding bad guys and shut down their BBQ once and for all.

It doesn't take long for Leatherface to track her down, but hey wait... has he fallen in love with her? And so the craziness just keeps rolling. The first film was scary in its low key naturalistic horror. It was creepy enough to be freaky but in such a way as to be completely plausible. This sequel is just balls out crazy and ridiculous. Different but still great in its own way.

Dennis Hopper. Seeing Dennis Hopper go on a shopping spree in a chainsaw store like all of his Christmases had come at once was fun. Whoever the actress was who played Stretch was cool too. But of course Leatherface and his brother steal the show. Especially his brother.

A great film? No. I was a little disappointed. I was lead to believe that it was an underrated classic that was flying under the radar. It isn't that, but it is still a fun watch. Fire up your BBQ, settle in for an hour and a half of insanity and give it a look-see.

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