Jesus seriously wept! I hated this protagonist, like holy shit. And the other characters weren’t any better. Whose idea was it to make the protagonist a recovering addict? Unless you have them taking the puzzle box for a spin ‘cause they’re looking for a new high, they’re going to be annoying to both the other characters and me (the audience). She has no idea what’s happening for the first half, and then I’m supposed to believe that she reads some scribbled notes (while sitting the stupidest way possible) and suddenly understands everything, but not in a way to explain it clearly to anyone else, no, she has to continue to sound stupid and crazy always. And I love that this cast of characters are the protagonist, her brother, his boyfriend, and their other roommate. The only other character that doesn’t live in the same apartment is her boyfriend.

What made the first so good was that Kirsty solved it without knowing what it was (while those before her were seeking it specifically) and then spent the rest of the film finding a way to proffer a trade. This protagonist just stumbles around and barely has any agency.

Gotta love the “No, I didn’t choose that person, it’s my box, right? Lemme pick the right one,” when, bitch, before this you only actually chose one! What are you even talking about? They don’t care! 

Also, not enough Cenobites. Urghhh. I had to resubscribe to Hulu for this?

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