Pooka! ★★★★

This film jogged a memory. 
The first time I ever heard my dad say the word fuck was when I had a Furby which had crossed that line into unpredictable insanity that all Furbies do eventually. It wouldn’t shut up unless it was left completely undisturbed. Our plan was to carefully lift it onto a high bookshelf and let that be its final resting place. However my father picked it up by the teal scruff on the top of its head which was NOT the most secure grip, and demon furby fell to the ground with a loud “HUUUUNGRY” escaping its beak. On its way down it also knocked a large canister of colored pencils to add even more chaos. My family was never the same afterwards...

ANYWAY Pooka! is really dope. Watched it because I adored Colossal from Vigalondo last year and was curious to see what he would do next. Turns out he keeps bringing exactly my brand of absurd, Dickens-esque, big bumblin creature, red light washed nonsense. Much abliged, sir.

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