Possessor ★★★★½

Hi, darling. What have you got there? Great, I’m absolutely starving.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Possessor obsesser has logged on. 

I am absolutely in love with every visual choice this movie makes. I know, I know. Me? Being a slut for striking visuals and excess amounts of blood and gore? No way. This film also explores the true horror of piloting a flesh prison every day and I relate to that fully. I hate being alive and perceived. Feeling so lost in the whirlwind of information of the world and trying to mimic other people so often that you have to practice how to still be yourself. But have you always been yourself? Have you always been at the helm? 

Truly and deeply obsessed and moved by this yucky weirdo mess. It has so many small and specific things I love all woven together beautifully and presented by way of picturesque nightmares. Also love the idea of a group of ladies hanging out vaping, talking shit, and listening to Orville Peck. If I’m going to be forced to continue operating this vessel that’s the energy I’m trying to bring. 

I wanna say I wholeheartedly recommend this but it feels like one of those movies where I’m in love but whenever I show it to someone they question why they’re friends with me. If you or a loved one has been affected by a Karrie movie recommendation you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Symptoms of watching too many Karrie recommenced films include boredom, aggravated assault, and brain rot. Call 1-800-OH-YUCKY to open a claim. You are not alone. 


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