“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”
Favorites are the last five star films that I loved.

Favorite films

  • Stand by Me
  • The Man Who Laughs
  • The Haunting
  • Killer Condom

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  • Son of Dracula


  • 976-EVIL


  • Chiller

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  • Taste of Cherry

    Taste of Cherry


    Criterion Challenge 2023:
    7. Films To Fall Asleep To

    This movie is for anyone that has seriously wanted to not see the morning. It is haunting and brilliantly scored. It doesn’t go in for platitudes. There is no judgement here. We do see a parade of people trying to talk our main character out of his decision, and there arguments are persuasive and beautiful. The director maintains our protagonist’s agency though. In the end it is always a personal choice.…

  • Prey



    Daily Horror Hunt #50 (August 2022)
    (23) Women working behind-the-scenes in cinema is always a treat to see. Watch a horror film edited/co-edited by a woman. 

    Wow! I’m almost speechless. This is an amazing film. No notes! (Ok…maybe some CGI bear qualms.)

    Seriously, I love the first and like the  second Predator, but this is so much more compelling.

    It takes the simple formula of The Predator and use it to craft a question about what strength means. It has…

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  • Moonchild



    Hooptober X:
    Film came out when you were 10

    Fall Dumpster Fire 2023:

    Again, this is micro- micro-budget, but damn is it good! Excellent masks, cool body paint and an inspired plot. Murphy certainly loved his writer characters!

  • Son of Dracula

    Son of Dracula


    Hooptober X: 
    1940, 1 film based on a work of or invoking the name Bram Stoker
    Fall Dumpster Fire 2023
    43. Watch a movie that horrormika needs to watch: boxd.it/atfFC

    I had always heard that this was terrible so I avoided it! I grant Lon Chaney Jr should have never donned the cape and stuck to his furry self, but I really liked this! It’s so 40s melodrama. I love the idea of a con game with Dracula!

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  • Stage Fright

    Stage Fright


    I want to live in the alternate universe where Stagefright became a huge franchise and each subsequent was known as Stagefright: Zodiac Sign.

    StageFright: Libra- An Owl-headed killer wreaks havoc on an opera company practicing for opening night.

    StageFright: Cancer- An Owl-headed killer wreaks havoc on a synchronized swimming team practicing for opening night.

    StageFright: Taurus An Owl-headed killer wreaks  havoc on a Rodeo team practicing for opening night.

    StageFright: Virgo An Owl-headed killer wreaks  havoc on a burlesque company…

  • Barbarian



    Hooptober 9.0: extra film 

    This is fantastic. Just watch it! It is a rollercoaster of awesome. Twisty and turned and fun!

    Don’t get spoiled!

    Bill Skarsgaard is great!