Thriller: A Cruel Picture

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This review may contain spoilers.

This was far better than I thought. This is not as prurient as I Spit On Your Grave. I am surprised it has hardcore inserts…and would have probably skipped it if I had known. The thing is…they are horrible. There doesn’t seem to be any point where the director wants the audience to be titillated. Instead, the film focuses on the nihilism. Everything is so slow, methodical, and detached. There are a million times Friga could have just left and tried to find happiness, but she goes back. Not out of hope or duty, but out of compulsion to find a way to destroy those who destroyed her.

Our almost unnamed actress, who has no voice, no friends, no family trades any chance at happiness for the cold grip of revenge. When the revenging is over, there is no catharsis to be found. There are just several checks off of her to do list.

The final image is amazing. Her todo list finished, she gets into a police car showing no emotion. She slowly drives down a desolate dirt road to nowhere. She has nothing left, but she plods on.

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