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  • The Thing
  • Amarcord
  • Aliens
  • Tenebre

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  • Unmarried Couples: A Comedy That Will Break You Up


  • Star Trek: Insurrection


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  • Star Trek: Generations


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  • The Net

    The Net


    As a thriller The Net is pretty tame. But I have a soft spot for '90s-operating systems on film, having spent my early teens glued to screens running Mac OS 7-9 and Windows 3.x-95. That era when Hollywood started to realize that computers and the internet were cool, a great plot device, and basically dark magic. And of course didn't really understand them, what they actually could/could not do, and how to use them on film.

    Some highlights:
    * Sandra…

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    So I’ve had a rough patch with this year’s Shocktober with one too many mediocre movies. Treated myself to some Carpenter comfort food and sure enough, it holds up for the umptenth time. No deep analysis or revolutionary take here. But dang, I really love this film.

Popular reviews

  • Deep Red

    Deep Red

    Guess I should have read the Netflix-description thoroughly before I got excited about rewatching Profondo Rosso. My bad.

  • Halloween



    Welcome to bizarro world, where the 11th movie in a franchise (that has, at best, been mediocre for the last 30 odd years) turns out to be delight to watch. It’s a stupid slasher when it needs to, busts out some artistic chops when it needs to, and delivers clever callbacks and genuine chills when it needs to.

    What a weird movie.