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  • The Pied Piper

    The Pied Piper

    This is a movie about the Black Death, directed by Jacques Demy, and starring Donovan. If ever there was a movie with "KATE" written all over it, this was it. I wrote a review that's probably way too long for letterboxd, complete with rat gifs and everything: Full review on my blog.

  • Easy Down There!

    Easy Down There!

    The only copy I could find didn't have subtitles, but it was a simple enough plot that it was easy to follow most of the movie without them, just catching some familiar French words here and there.

    It was not a great movie (I didn't need dialogue to understand that much) but it did give me Alain Delon as a priest, riding a motorbike, wearing a beret and sunglasses, smoking a cigarette. And for that image alone I'm glad I watched it.

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  • The Girl on a Motorcycle

    The Girl on a Motorcycle


    In February I sent an autograph request to Alain Delon. The forum messages on the fan site where I got the address said that he typically replied within 4 months, so after June and July were long gone I had pretty much given up hope.

    But today when I woke up there was a soggy photo mailer sitting on my doorstep in the rain, with French stamps and a Paris postmark.

    "It can't be."

    IT WAS.

    "To Kate

  • Young at Heart

    Young at Heart


    I don't actually like this movie all that much, but I've returned to it dozens of times because Frank Sinatra's performance is SO good, and I love his character SO much that the rest of the movie doesn't even matter to me.

    Watching this just brought back so many memories of when I first fell in love with Frank Sinatra, and classic movies in general.

    I used to have a flip-phone in high school that let you set a video…