Possessor ★★★★

viscerally upsetting, as i believe the best horror films are. on the surface level, it stuns as a film with grotesque visuals that still don't feel too gratuitous and sequences meant to build unease and tension with little more than some excellent special effects and editing and discomforting (in the best of ways) sound design. with that alone, i was ready to rank this film high, but the narrative of this nearly cyberpunk story that interrogates identity of the individual especially in the context of who they are as cogs in a greater corporate machine, and how allowing yourself to be lost to what is expected of you under said corporate machine is a danger puts it a star above where i may have had it otherwise. cronenberg leaves you with plenty to chew on after the credits roll and i look forward to getting to read people smarter than me break down what it all really means.

also, in a big time vain kind of way, i'm thankful i didn't get into any of the sundance screenings of this i tried my darnedest to make. i just know who i am as a person and it's the kinda gal who would inevitably make a fool of myself in front of people i was trying to impress if i watched it at midnight in a dark theater instead of my childhood bedroom in the middle of the day.

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