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  • They Were Expendable

    They Were Expendable


    As a Cryptonomicon fan, I mentally add Bobby Shadow flipping off MacArthur to certain scenes and it works perfectly.

    This film is a damn masterpiece.

  • Idaho Transfer

    Idaho Transfer


    This is a weird little piece of stoner sci fi, with some stolidly horrible amateur acting, some great scenery porn, and an interesting ideas here and there. Time traveling teenagers escape an ecological catastrophe only to get trapped in a bleak post-apocalypse unable to fulfill their purpose. Worth it for the bitterly hilarious ending.

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  • House



    Not since Ishii's Funky Forest has a Japanese movie made me laugh and get squicked out the way Hausu did. It's so batshit it's its own genre, with the only other film that might accompany it in said genre being Evil Dead. But Evil Dead is sedate and logical next to this. AWESOME.

  • The Legend Floyd: The Dark Side of the Rainbow

    The Legend Floyd: The Dark Side of the Rainbow


    Excuse me, now I have to go read Philip K. Dick's VALIS trilogy and listen to OK Computer now 8)