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  • Witness to Waco: Inside the Siege

    Witness to Waco: Inside the Siege


    Typical TV documentary. Had some interesting profiles of survivors.

  • Dumplin'



    Cute and almost too sweet.

  • Bird Box

    Bird Box


    Surprisingly effective, and holy shit look out for Sandra Bullock. Wait, don't look. Looking would be bad.

    Sonnetized, as ever, for your protection.

  • Dog Day Afternoon

    Dog Day Afternoon


    Prince Humperdinck, Mrs. Miracle Max, Doc Hopper, Frank Black and Al Pacino in amazing true crime drama.

    Of course it's been sonnetized for your protection.

  • A Wrinkle in Time
  • Funky Forest: The First Contact

    Funky Forest: The First Contact


    One of the strangest yet weirdly satisfying films I've ever come across, Funky Forest also seems like the one that gets aliens right, somehow. They're going to be incomprehensible, bizarre, probably kind of gross, and our reactions to them are going to be likewise. Bonus points for a lot of catchy tunes and a sort of inside-out interrogation of Notice Me Sendai.

  • The Devils

    The Devils


    A perennial favorite Ken Russell spectacle, outlandish, artificial and sensational, depicting an equally bugnuts event from actual history. Oliver Reed at his 1970s peak, and an unforgettable performance
    by Vanessa Redgrave, picking bits of scenery out of her teeth at the end of every scene. Decadent AF, but with a sad and serious point about love, religion, and politics don't belong together. An underrated gem.

  • Outlaw King

    Outlaw King


    A solid outing with some highlights, notably Florence Pugh. My mom appreciated the relative lack of gore compared to, e.g., Vikings. I appreciated the ridiculous Foreplay With Thistle Because Scotland. It did its job. We were entertained. And it was better than Brave heart.

  • Circle of Power

    Circle of Power


    I watched this after hearing about it on The Dream podcast (I've been on a pyramid scheme/MLM kick lately, like so many of us). I was not prepared for the lurid, prurient insanity of this film. The fact that it's supposed to be only a slightly fictionalized account of the mandatory training programs of Holiday Magic is hard to stomach but not really surprising.

    I wish this whole industry straight to the devil.

  • Suburbicon



    Full review over at zee blog.

  • Kon-Tiki



  • Deer Boy

    Deer Boy


    Actual review of this 15-minute gem can be found at Sonneteer at the Cinema!