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  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    Some distractingly bad dialogue ("complexing" occurred a lot), turning what should have been a major character into a prop that didn't even get a name, and a lot of bad technobabble made this kind of a dumb film getting in the way of neat ideas. Watch Europa Report instead.

  • The Wizard of Lies

    The Wizard of Lies


    For all its star power, this film isn't a patch on Madoff, which featured Richard Dreyfuss and Blythe Danner in the roles Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer phoned in here (Pfeiffer's exaggerated accent really jars compared took Danner's natural speech). Meh.

  • Arrival



    There were a lot of neat ideas in this but they got better play in China Mieville's novel Embassytown. The leads were boring and the big surprise was no surprise and really on the nose. I was ready to love this film but wound up pretty disappointed.

  • The Fearless Vampire Killers

    The Fearless Vampire Killers


    This film is gorgeous but the only way I could have enjoyed it would have been in a language I don't know at all, and with no subtitles. That way I wouldn't know how badly drawn the characters are, how dumb the script is, or that it's supposed to be funny. However, the cinematography and production design are great, Sharon Tate is gorgeous, and the scene at the ball is pretty great. One star for each of these things, minus half a star for continuously ruining my enjoyment of them.

  • Wuthering Heights

    Wuthering Heights


    The cast is very good, as are all the production values, but ugh, the script. What a terrible adaptation of the novel. Famous scenes left out or repurposed to skew them to argue for the least interesting, most conventional interpretations. Blech. But Hardy made a good Heathcliffe and Gorman a good Hindley, so there's that. And Riley was good as whatever she was (but certainly not Catherine). Meh.

  • Genghis Khan: To The Ends Of The Earth And Sea

    Genghis Khan: To The Ends Of The Earth And Sea


    I was ready to like this, but this is another disappointment. The soundtrack was distractingly wrong, the actors were apparently never allowed to look at each other (all dialog is directed at the middle distance while the actor speaking is more or less facing the camera but not enough to break the third wall), the tribes were color coded, and Borte got short shrift. Some cool battle scenes (despite the color coding) and bonus points for location shooting and actual Mongolian horses, but... meh. Should have just rewatched Mongol (which I absolutely love) instead.

  • Ragnarok



    Disneyesque/Spielbergian family adventure! Perfidious locals! Ancient secrets that might be the reality behind famous myth! Except kinda the wrong myth! So this should have been named Jormungand! Shameless ripoffs of Jurassic Park jeopardy scenes! Beautiful scenery. Seriously beautiful. Too bad CGI monster kept getting in the way.

  • Beyond Re-Animator

    Beyond Re-Animator


    High production values and hilarious gore are the highlights of a deeply unnecessary film. I hope Jeffery Coombs was well paid.

    Earned an extra half-star for the line "guilty as charred."

  • Equinox



    Creepy park rangers! Horrible relationships! The Necronomicon! The most disgusting kiss ever! Terrible stop motion monsters! Including a giant gorillizard! Basically, an early take on Evil Dead, but it takes itself seriously, and had even less of an effects budget. I believe it started life as a student film, so absolutely forgive the visible wires, the fluctuating hair and wardrobe, etc. A marvelous waste of time.