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  • Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit

    A story full of clichés we have seen a thousand times: girl from a small town, daughter of a single working class mother chasing her dreams despite the adversities. Max Minghella’s film is aware of that and it’s not pretentious enough and try to be something else. Honestly, I’m whiling to follow his directorial and writing career from now on. I can see potential.

    I was scared that Elle Fanning playing a teenage girl trying to succeed in the showbiz…

  • Climax


    A whole experience.

    The beginning of the first act and the third one were magnificent, electric and somehow addicting. The editing made me feel anxious without needing to show explicitly the violence all the time, the screams will haunt me forever. 

    Sofia Boutella is amazing.

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  • Before Sunset

    Before Sunset

    My hearth is aching.

    The last 40 minutes are the best part of the movie. All those “what if...” questions are told (visually and spoken) in a way that you can’t help it but wonder about your own life, to the point that I was crying minutes before the screen went black. The organic and realistic chemestry is increndible and I’ve always admired Linklater’s dedication, building up and patience for his proyects. I wasn’t a fan of Boyhood the year…

  • Joker


    *Takes a deep breath*

    Where do I begin? 

    This movie is good, but it’s not revolutionary. Even if it’s cataloged as a “comic book movie”; the name “Joker” was solely used for marketing purposes, because they could have called the protagonist something like “Pennywise” and it would have still worked (for the story, not the box office, of course).

    Joaquin’s performance is great. Lawrence Sher’s work is pretty cool. Todd Phillips annoyed the hell out of me in the past…