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  • The Levelling

    The Levelling


    Filmed in a beautiful setting, and kept me watching until the end despite the fact I didn't think it was as effective at showing grief as say, Manchester by The Sea or A Ghost Story.

    The script in places is great, but for some reason I never quite bought into Ellie Kendrick's performance - despite seeing reviews saying she was brilliant. In parts she was certainly great, but overall it seemed a bit too forced. Maybe I expected too much…

  • American Honey

    American Honey


    This is my third attempt - the first two times I really struggled to get past the first hour. I loved the style though, and was determined to finish it.

    For some reason, this viewing was completely different. American Honey absolutely captivated me. I was totally engaged and involved with the group. I can't believe this was Sasha Lane's first acting credit because I couldn't take my eyes off her. There wasn't a second of this I didn't believe.


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  • American Beauty

    American Beauty


    I feel like I've been in a coma for the past twenty years. And I'm just now waking up.

    What is your purpose in life? How do you see yourself? How do you interact with other people? Is your life turning into one big routine?

    This film teaches you how to look closer at life, discover new things, and have a better understanding and appreciation of human nature. Never judge a book by its cover; there is always much more hidden underneath the surface.

    An amazingly inspirational piece with a stunning score from Thomas Newman. Sam Mendes does us proud.

  • The Shawshank Redemption

    The Shawshank Redemption


    One of the most impressive King adaptations, and I would say it's the best performance for basically every cast member in this thing.

    I love the way it expresses the need for friendship, bravery, freedom, and above all - hope.