Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

For me, this is the biggest franchise decline I've ever seen.

The Curse of the Black Pearl has always been a go-to movie for me, and Dead Man's Chest just grew the Pirates world. I loved the huge sets, fun script and the sense of adventure. The costumes, soundtrack and scale of production were all just amazing and I just had a really great time.

At World's End bored me to tears, but just managed to scrape enough good material to get me through, but when I saw On Stranger Tides, I realised these movies were dead for me.

Unfortunately, Dead Men Tell No Tales has just made me realise that there really is no future here. The CGI is laughable. Javier Bardem's head is terrifying - not in a good way. Johnny Depp as Sparrow is almost like a parody of his original self, and is there even a plot?

All the fun has gone out of it, and it's merely a money-spinning shadow of its former self.

I knew I should have given up.