Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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This review may contain spoilers.

I see this movie as the "Arrival" of the 1970s or "Arrival" was the "Close Encounters" of the 2010s, because it has many similarities. It's a Science-Fiction movie that it's more about our eagerness to learn more about the unknown and life outside of our world rather than destruction and explosions. It's also similar in the way that it presents the aliens as benevolent creatures rather than a fatal threat.

In the movie, the viewers are constantly being teased about the UFO's and their possible threat since the beginning but we don't really see what's inside the spaceship until the end and let me tell you that the waiting really paid off because what a fantastic scene was when the mothership finally landed, but what we see next are not the creatures but the humans that were abducted returning to Earth without aging a single day, many of them returning after being disappeared for decades. It's kind of a plot twist and instead of making us feel scared, it feeds, even more, our fascination about extraterrestrial life.

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