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  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World

    This thing sucks, it is not a good movie. Bad, bad movie. 

    (Relatability is not a sticker or a font or a filter. And for all those saying “at least it is an aesthetically pleasing film”, it is not, it is dull and boring and even cringy at times.)

  • Palermo or Wolfsburg

    Palermo or Wolfsburg

    In so many ways different than any other Schroeter-film. Instead of relying on his main group of actors, he works with non-professionals this time. Only his muse, Magdalena Montezuma is still there, and Syberberg-star Harry Bär makes his appearance. Perhaps the film also differs because the referencing, the intertextuality, is less foregrounded in this film than in his many sort-of-adaptations. Nevertheless the film is packed (although he takes him time) with an abundance of genre tricks, style references, political beliefs, humane aspirations, ... There's some Caravaggio, Kafka, Rosselini, Ford, for everyone.