Zodiac ★★★★★

This was my first watch of Zodiac and I honestly couldn't be more happy. It might be one of my favorite films. I usually don't enjoy darker topics in film. I dont enjoy gore (that first scene was a bit off-putting to me!) but I love a good mystery. And Zodiac does just that. The story doesnt focus entirely on the murder, but rather solving it. The story is told in a manner that is understandable. This case is very complicated and intricate, its amazing they were able to translate it in a way audiences can percieve it. The acting is stellar as well. There isn't really a bad performance in this film. The characters stories are told and fleshed out in such a fullfiling way, its hard to describe. The tone of this film is something to be noted as well. It takes itself seriously, it doesn't try too hard to come off as a dark and bleak film. It maintains these elements while still remaining an experience as an audience member. You are constantly trying to figure out clues and evidence as the story progresses. Not to mention, throughout the film I kept thinking to myself who is THIS messed up. It messes with your head because its shocking to believe this actually happened, and they dont really know who did it. Such an impeccable film. 5 aerial shots of san francisco out of 5.

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