Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★½

I understand why some people will have a problem with Vol. 2. Its structure is strange and its plot isn't particularly earth shatteringly important to the MCU - what some might call a "filler." 

But I disagree. It's a character piece: something that I'm very grateful for considering the guardians are Marvel's strongest characters by a clear mile. Where some probably wanted more of a set up for Infinity War, I'm more interested in who these people are. And considering we haven't seen these guys at all in the past 3 years of seemingly endless Marvel superhero movie hopping, it was extremely necessary.

This film hit me particularly hard in certain places. There was one moment where me and my family burst into uncontrollable side-splitting laughter for way longer than we should have. And there was an incredibly profound scene around halfway through the film that had me in tears for over 5 minutes, even though the humour had since returned. I love character pieces for this very reason, and I got everything I could have wanted from the sequel to my favourite Marvel movie so far.

However, where it drops the half star is the soundtrack. For the large part, every song served the same purpose: intentionally mellow and unfitting to the action around it with ironic lyrics. I would have liked at least one really epic 80s track to make an action scene feel as badass as it was visually. The final song choice was fantastic, though.

As someone who's been humming Hooked on a Feeling for the past 2 weeks in anticipation, I was absolutely not disappointed. And I truly feel for those that were. To me, this is exactly what a Guardians sequel needed to be.

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