Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★

I really think the narrative approach to this film was angled completely wrong. The comparison I wished for and that I kept thinking of is The Last King of Scotland; Forest Whitaker/Daniel Kaluuya plays this tour de force supporting character that James McAvoy/Lakeith Stanfield is tasked with following around, and we see the ins and outs of the outsider’s every move while keeping his target at a powerful distance narrative wise.

Instead what we got is too much of both sides of the story so that I didn’t get enough scope of either of them. I had no idea what the informant was up to half of the time because it didn’t show me, and I had no idea why Hampton was so influential or what his actual politics were because it didn’t show me. The most I learned about Stanfield’s informant was in the short clip at the end showing the real guy talking to a documentary crew.

Also it’s way too dark. I couldn’t see shit in any interior or exterior that wasn’t flooded with natural light. There’s some good stuff here but I left it feeling underwhelmed and dreaming up the movie I could have had instead of this muddled narrative that didn’t know who it wanted to focus on.

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