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  • Oldboy


    My thoughts and observations
    Went into it knowing the twist
    Green and red color scheme
    Following the protagonist, we only know what he knows
    Has me questioning the idea of love
    Significance in close up shots of protagonists facial expressions
    Notable sequences with overlaid subs and diagramming in fight sequence
    Transitions with calendar and theme of progression in time 
    Fun upside down shots and rotated shots

  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi

    My thoughts & observations 
    Feels like I’ve seen this before, feels familiar
    Significance of reflections and windows, active v. still imagery layered upon each other 
    Significance in audio transitioning before the visuals, visual lingers before transitioning into next scene with audio of following scene
    Parallel scenes and stories between different couples and relationships 
    In between shots with beautiful compositions and colors
    Panning through different viewing points (windows, doors, mirrors, hallways, corridors), idea of looking into these lives, but living them too?
    Quiet scenes far from characters showing environment and surrounding white noise, kind of like b-roll? Outsider view