Sweetie ★★★★★

When I saw the Question Mark on his forehead I SCREAMED and was IGNITED BY CINEMATIC FIRE and knew this was THE. MOVIE. FOR. ME.

A STUNNING film. Has all the "F you" energy of a first film. Every composition is an absolute *stunner.* Loved listening to the commentary and hearing about Jane and Sally Bongers OBLITERATING film school bros. The best revenge is making like... a ton of masterpieces i guess. (P.S. Sally Bongers- COME OUT OF RETIREMENT AND BE MY D.P. (AND BEST FRIEND.)) Got a lot of love and compassion for Sweetie. The "phone call from Bob" scene wrecked me.

Deeply weird and alienating... will watch 1000 more times.

Miniature Horse Power Ranking:

6. Blaze - Better luck next time.
5. Pride. - You're ok- but outshined by your mom.
4. Gypsy. A true queen.
3. Socks. Dapper as hell.
2. Thunder. He's a Wild One.
1. Broken Heart. One time I tried to eat a Digimon because I was mad at a boy in my day care, so I see you, Sweetie.