Inception ★★★★★

im not a religious log-rewatches kind of gal but on god what i wouldnt give to know how many times ive watched this movie at this point

anyway in the spirit of always noticing something new with this movie. when cobb and ariadne get to limbo and cobb is pointing out the different places he and mal lived in and ariadne is like 'wouldnt she be in there?' at her childhood house and cobb's like 'haha no' wow the weight of this when u realize that's where mal locked away her totem in the dollhouse to forget she was dreaming... mal queen of repressed childhood???

also cobb's prison of memories elevator passes by aforementioned dollhouse, obviously with him planting the idea in mal's head being a moment of regret, one he wishes he could change. he couldnt stand living in limbo knowing it wasn't real but would he have tolerated it and gone on if it meant keeping mal? i have to wonder if he could actually change that moment would he

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