Disobedience ★★★½

I appreciate that Weisz and McAdams kiss like women who actually want to fuck each other. Sometimes you see these straight actresses pecking at their female costars with zero fervor and it kind of breaks the immersion. Now in Disobedience they tongue, smoosh into each other, exchange saliva, kiss so rapidly that they run out of breath, etc. as horny, sexually repressed people do!

What else?

1: Rachel Weisz looking sultry as fuck.
2: While I never tire of forbidden sapphic love period pieces (FSLPPs), a modern setting was a nice change of pace.
3: Rachel Weisz spitting into McAdams’ mouth shouldn’t have worked but it REALLY REALLY did.
4: The dilemma between either (a) suppressing your identity or (b) losing your community/family is super interesting but I don’t think it was sufficiently delved into. Why was Rachel McAdams compelled to stay? If you’re going to write this heartbreaking ending for your main character, at least help us understand the character’s mindset. It seems like McAdams was dead-set on leaving until her husband made that speech at the Hesped, but what did he say that changed anything? Maybe I just don’t “get it” because my family isn’t particularly religious, but isn’t the point of film to make you identify with feelings unlike your own?
5. A very refreshing take on religious communities. This movie doesn’t patronize them at all. It was also nice to see some orthodox Jewish representation because a lot of religious characters in film, especially western film, tend to be Christians.

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