Knives Out ★★★★★

This whodunnit takes full advantage of its cast, whose chemistry might be the film’s greatest focal point. Although brimming with idiosyncratic characters and witty dialogue, what really kept me engaged during the two-hour runtime were its performances. I think with a different ensemble Knives Out wouldn’t be nearly as captivating. Viewers will have as much fun watching it as the cast and crew clearly did filming it. 

One more point: Ana De Armas is such a treat to watch. Despite having only seen her in this and Blade Runner 2049, it is already clear to me that Armas is going to reach great heights as an actor. It was so thrilling to see such raw, fresh talent on screen next to veteran performers, channeled into the role of a second-generation latina woman at that! 

In short, it’s a a genuinely funny social satire, an interesting story (think Clue meets The Westing Game), and most of all: a damn good time.

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