Women Who Kill ★★½

I wouldn’t call the writing original*, the cinematography noteworthy, or any of the performances particularly gripping besides Sheila Vand’s, but Ingrid Jungermann's Women Who Kill does something.

How many films have you watched where its characters and setting (Park Slope, NYC!) are explicitly gay despite that gayness having zero relevance to the overarching storyline? Can you name any that don’t at least touch on how sexuality affects narrative motivation/conflict? In Women Who Kill, characters casually marry and pursue other female characters, and it’s presented with the nonchalance of the compulsory heterosexuality you see on cable TV series. 

This is refreshing because I’ve never seen it before, but also weird as hell? After consuming Gentleman Jack, Carol, Mulholland Drive, Orange is the New Black, and just about every other mainstream piece of visual wlw media, it’s honestly surreal to watch lesbians simply exist as lesbians in stories where their sexualities don’t really matter at all. They’re just people who happen to be gay, because being gay is extremely normal in the little world Women Who Kill inhabits.

Beyond that, Women Who Kill is a big “eh”. You get the sense that Ingrid Jungermann is trying to capture the depth of films that have already been created, as opposed to finding her own way to that depth. It feels cliched as a result. A bit like a Mary Sue too; partly because Ingrid literally stars in her own feature film debut, partly because the hottest cast member plays Ingrid’s love interest despite being absurdly out of her league. 

It’s like someone took a shitty, predictable movie and haphazardly added qualities that would have made a better version of the movie very special. I didn’t hate it. I enjoyed it, in fact. But most of all I’m haunted by the masterpiece it could have been with a clearer vision.

*The liberal dyke piss-taking was funny af.

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