Honey Boy ★★★★

I remember watching Shia on Even Stevens. And could always tell there was something more going on behind the screen. He just wasn't like any other child star at the time pushing himself to the limits for laughs, having a heart of gold in drama, and hinting at his struggles in those cutesy Disney interview-commercials between shows.

As a kid, everyone wrote him off as eccentric.

As a teenager, everyone wrote him off as the Transformers star.

As an adult, everyone wrote him off as a troublemaker.

Watching him retell these parts of his life and then be open and honest about himself in this way with sincere vulnerability and empathy broke me. I don't know if Shia could've lost himself enough that the world could've lost him like we did Amy Winehouse and Heath Ledger. It seems, from his father's abuse and his past, he needed to find a part of himself to keep going. I'm just glad he's still here. And that Alma Har’el could capture his script and these performances so beautifully. This is truly lightning in a bottle.

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