It ★★★★

+ first horror movie in a long time where i didn't use humor as a defense mechanism to not be scared
+ the kids are my psuedo-babies and i must protect them at all costs
+ seriously, the kids are soooo good
+ next to the 2020 election, i've never wanted to see a bully get what he deserves
+ bill skarsgård was equally terrifying and hilarious -
sometimes he sounded like a sociopathic scooby-doo
"my heart burns there too" my heart is on fire from cuteness overload
+ it's not loaded is the definition of "well now you pissed it off"
+ it's as if jk rowling wrote a whole novel about boggarts on crack
+ billy slicing everyone's palms was so extra
+ why did the ending credits almost sounds like les miserable's one day more
+ stuck between giving this 3 1/2 or 4 stars