The Last Letter From Your Lover

The Last Letter From Your Lover ★★

The universe finally conspired to make me watch an adaptation of one of those romance novels I always pass up at the library - where different characters lives coincidentally intersect and ~are forever changed.~ *sigh* This isn't as bad as the rotten score from critics, but it's not particularly exciting. The script corners itself by having three different characters reveal the same events either identically or rather similarly. As the film starts crossing the halfway mark, it's like seeing the same story over and over with very little surprises about how events unfold from each person's perspective. Character development for the female leads is mostly left to Felicity Jones's Ellie or Shailene Woodley's Jennifer applying balm to their cliche broken hearts by finding more suitable men / quintessential love stories that fits what they need.

However, Augustine Frizzell's direction and George Steel's cinematography was lovely. Every frame felt wonderfully thought out, and the cast tries to do more than what the material offers - I'll watch anything for Shailene Woodley, Callum Turner should get out of Fantastic Beasts ASAP, Felicity had more energy in this than she did in Rogue One yay!, Taylor Swift's boyfriend needs another role that shows....range, and Nabhaan Rizwan is hella cute. They all have decent enough chemistry and there's nothing wrong with a very old-fashioned love story. It's the kind of thing that I'd expect from JoJo Moyes, and I enjoyed it for the escape that it was....but it's just....not all that memorable.

I also really wanted to love the much of it was pretty on Shailene but felt like taking a tour of a Breakfast at Tiffanys influencer's closet.

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