The Martian ★★★★

Ridley Scott's career is an anomaly, to tread a cinema wormhole of Prometheus, The Counselor, Exodus: Gods and Kings, step into the light with this, and then retreat back into darkness with Alien: Covenant and All the Money in the World. Like what the fuck? The Martian is one of the few recent space-films that isn't depressing or isn't obnoxiously projecting symbolism left and right, and manages to celebrate humankind beyond all borders. When Love Train kicks off the end credits, it's hard to not feel uplifted and happy. And it didn't massacre the book it was adapted from, and managed to capture all of its best elements - inspiring, funny, action-packed, awful disco music with a great performance by Matt Damon. This or Mad Max: Fury Road should've won over Spotlight, honestly.