Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

Hooray! It's fucking vacation time, baby. I'm starting today my second movie marathon which I intend to do every year from 2016 till when I stop loving movies so damn much. So...

Day #1

I started with a really not easy movie, didn't I? I mean, I loved it but Gallo and Ricci's characters were really difficult to grasp and sympathize. Billy Brown's decisions and shell agaisnt everyone around him made me also feel detached and I wasn't really caring that much for him. I guess this was the whole point of the movie after all.

The score is really subtle and depressing at times, Gallo and Ricci's performance are astonishing but I guess Gallo was kinda playing himself, so well... Oh and this was an extremely well shot movie. I'm not even kidding.

Maybe the reason this is not a full 5 star is because I got trapped by the excellent writing. Will need a rewatch.

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