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  • Looper



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This movie doesn't make any sense and I don't care if it tells me to not think about it, I can't just not think about it! - I thought at first, but then it was revealed that the motivation for the Bruce Willis character was his love for his future asian waifu.
    This was set up real nicely, and I can relate to a mans deep spiritual need for pretty asian women so this sudden typhoon of emotional investment swept…

  • Su-ki-da



    A bit uncomfortably made at the parts where stuff actually happens but very good at the parts where the characters just sit around and feel things - which fortunately makes up most of the film.

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  • Eternal First Love

    Eternal First Love


    This is without a doubt the cheesiest asian romance movie I've ever seen but it's not a bad movie if you can handle it. It feels a lot like a romcom without the comedy part, sickeningly sweet and fluffy, so melodramatic that it actually made me tear up at one point and so cheesy that I couldn't help but laugh constantly, at the movie and at myself for actually enjoying it. For hardcore fans of Japanese romance movies and teenage girls with bad taste only.