Kill Zone 2

Kill Zone 2 ★★★★★

the mistakes that we make and the things we do not see. the wrong things will happen at the right time but if you believe in doing the right things despite the wrong ones, you can keep on going. Soi Cheang simply doesn't know when to stop. three years ago, I got introduced to the SPL series because of how much Sean raves about them. since then my perspective of action has been dramatically reshaped. the greatest of all tricks that this one has up its sleeve is it takes two hours to drive home an idea that cannot be more cliche. and yet this is exactly the kind of a movie which made me realize that movies aren't just limited to the narrative of the plot, not when the theatrics are this astoundingly good. several shots and cuts come to mind where the pieces are so synchronously facile that SPL2 becomes a purely sensory experience. this goes through everything that the first movie was, inverts it and comes out superior. if the first one was operatic, this is downright insane. two hours spent in coping with fear and living up to promises. among the greatest of action cinema.

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