SPL: Kill Zone

SPL: Kill Zone ★★★★

words of fathers that lose relevance by each promise. failure takes over as every attempt to do the right thing becomes a desperate turn towards the wrong. morality decays, adherence to the code no longer stands true when the code itself seems neutral (and as Sense8 is wont to phrase it, "therefore complacent") to evil. Yip's focus seems so fixated on his characters that the melodrama works twofold. pretty damning to have a character dying with the words, "we are no good," "we're no good" and another surviving the fight to succumb to its scars. the promises of mortal men overturn by the melodramatic, operatic, inherent evil. I've said it before and I'll say it again: this is some next-gen filmmaking. and holy shit, Donnie Yen.

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