• Sleepless in Seattle

    Sleepless in Seattle


    take a doughnut, dip it in cinema and see your life loop through it.

  • Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2

    Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2


    buildings are formed out of an image but the image lingers far after the skyscrapers rise and fall. "not completely wrong but not yet right," as if making mistakes is as important as not making them. characters scream, squeal, screech and beat their heart out, forgoing the image only if for a few hours and finding themselves returning to curl up in its comfort every night. To is, of course, wont to cut right before it hurts and match it…

  • Scenes from a Marriage

    Scenes from a Marriage


    and the sums, the differences and all declarations made in togetherness could be heard blooming in the past and then fading into irrelevance as you said, "I will always love you [...] and you'll always love me [...]"

  • Hong Sangsoo | Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay

    Hong Sangsoo | Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Screenplay

    so personally unbinding that this could be a spiritual sequel to Hahaha (2010)

  • Kill Zone 2

    Kill Zone 2


    the mistakes that we make and the things we do not see. the wrong things will happen at the right time but if you believe in doing the right things despite the wrong ones, you can keep on going. Soi Cheang simply doesn't know when to stop. three years ago, I got introduced to the SPL series because of how much Sean raves about them. since then my perspective of action has been dramatically reshaped. the greatest of all tricks…

  • SPL: Kill Zone

    SPL: Kill Zone


    words of fathers that lose relevance by each promise. failure takes over as every attempt to do the right thing becomes a desperate turn towards the wrong. morality decays, adherence to the code no longer stands true when the code itself seems neutral (and as Sense8 is wont to phrase it, "therefore complacent") to evil. Yip's focus seems so fixated on his characters that the melodrama works twofold. pretty damning to have a character dying with the words, "we are…

  • Millennium Actress

    Millennium Actress


    the repetition and exposition tire me out but the reliance on the background of Japan to narrate an entire character's lifetime spent in search, regret and holding on to objects of value plays out as very sincere. The pursuit ultimately takes over, the war ends but the landscape remains in stasis. the infinite stretches of cinema continue to steer through.

  • Chasing Dream

    Chasing Dream


    breaking down in front of someone to tell them they're worth it, reorienting and reliving your dream for the people you have done wrong by, failing and crying and screaming, "it doesn't hurt", "it doesn't hurt" and channeling all energy of said failure towards someone you love. A Throw Down for the digital age. Johnnie To's glaring, shouting, excessive bollywood movie.

  • On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate

    On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate


    foretold failures and the dances around it, often as silent echoes between halves and poems of fervour - carrying inverted tropes and rediscovered affinity towards words meant in scorn or selfishness. hong's lens is far more grounded here, the inversion harsher than any that follow: a story of romance well past its time that has people dancing without music, singing without rhythm, drinking without getting drunk. hong alternates the very dance around a structure that is only talked about, never…

  • Haseen Dillruba

    Haseen Dillruba


    the use of some catchy hip-hop to fill silence or surround moments of heightened sensitivity puts it in the same league as all the cool hindi productions that have no sense of rhythm, cutting or cohesion. some of the cuts are so bad that it leaves gaping holes in the plot. the sense of accomplishment that it manages to establish by the end as something sincere bases itself on themes of misogyny, reinforcing stereotypes and rationalizing toxic masculinity. apart from…

  • Ray


    show, tell, explain and then some. if only the pretty camera could hide all the ugliness.

  • Delicatessen



    red, orange and yellow narrate a story about a humans in the world of pigs. the exquisite sound design originates from an orchestra of moments clashing, beating, strumming, clacking, stretching and moving, perfectly wrapped around an orgasm. the characters sometimes talk about entering the age of virgo, concluding there are no rats left and that no one is entirely evil, but mostly a case of whichever fits better. moments of minuscule intimacy translate into whimsical romance and while the whole…