BlacKkKlansman ★★★

The fact of the matter is you never know how truly good a film is until you revisit it a second or possibly, third time and seeing how well it holds up in every aspect. 


Had the pleasure of rewatching BlackKklansman after my initial viewing in theatres months prior. I was enjoying it just as much but as the film went on, I couldn't shake this thought... 

Stallworth's main line of communication to the Klansmen whose organization he was trying to infiltrate was his desk phone at his office in the police precinct. That's all well and good but if any klan member were to call that phone and another officer were to pick up (in the event that Stallworth was off sick, off-duty, on leave, at a meeting, having a lunch break or just taking a piss) and utter the magic words, 'Colorado Springs Police Department', would that not effectively blow his cover and the whole operation to smithereens?? Did the writers not pick up on this? Or the producers? or Lee? Were there no script meetings at all before the green light? Or did the thought not cross their minds?

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