• Burning



    Note to self do not befriend someone who is into greenhouses.

  • Blind Date

    Blind Date


    The performances really drive this film if barely while everything else mainly its wanna be Christie plot do it no favors whatsoever.

  • Save the Tiger

    Save the Tiger


    So good at being incredibly dismal that half way through I made up my mind to never watch it ever again. You know one of those.

  • The Mysterious Mr. Wong

    The Mysterious Mr. Wong

    Why, who, and how. This "mystery" film reveals to us these three not so little things right off the bat. So on that note let's go back for a wee bit and once again ask our selves - why?

  • The Ape Man

    The Ape Man

    Thought about making an excuse but I've got nothing.

  • Missing



    Cuba? Politics? Based on true events? My knowledge about the subjects present in this film aspires towards zero but what I do know is that as a thriller it thrilled end of story.

  • Noah



    Like Bible study wasn't boring and confusing enough already.

  • Cold Sweat

    Cold Sweat

    Between Liv Ullmann struggling with her English dialogue and Charles Bronson finding it difficult to imitate the way human beings behave I gave up long before James Mason bothered to show up.

  • Parasite



    The Korean guide of how to lose a plot in just over two hours.

  • Tampopo



    A western with noodles that's the joke and if this doesn't tickle your funny bone then have I got some very bad news for you.

  • Movie 43

    Movie 43


    Unseeing this is gonna take a lot out of me.

  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


    Bellisimo! Finally a use for the only Italian word known to me.