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This review may contain spoilers.

Had a blast with my gf tonight seeing SCREAM 😱 in theatres this evening!! It was so much fun 😝 we wore our scream / ghostface 👻 masks & scream hoodies, was totally rad !! I waited for this moment my entire life as a horror fan to go to the cinema with my ghostface mask to watch scream 😱 This scream requel was something else y’all !! It’s similar to the 4th film but vastly different in this film. There’s a lot more violence, blood 🩸& gory scenes. I personally picked out the two killers from the get-go but then again I’ve only seen and study the scream films my entire life lol 😂 it didn’t surprise me but it was awesome and very cliche and I loved it !! It’s not my favourite but it was so risky and in your face with new ideas that I can’t hate it for trying to please everyone and every different generation!! It tackles the toxic fandoms the split titles as fans & gens !! It’s either out with the new in with the old or in with the new out with the old !! With the amount of years between the films it was pretty darn good !! I’m always curious how it would have turned out or carried on if Wes craven was still with us rip 🪦 🖤 I always appreciate a good film that pays dues to the great ones like Wes Craven 🤍  I really liked the hilarious humour in this bc I feel like that carried the film a lot besides some of the brutal kills !! So much of this film happens so damn fast your just like wait hold up a minute so that I can process my fucking feelings 🥺😵‍💫 although I do wish we gotta see alot more of our 3 mains Sid/Gale/Dewey 😍 it was still nice of them to be in the film to carry that great legacy on forward!! The twist with Billy loomis having a daughter was 50/50 for me took me some time to really think about it and such !! Still unsure how I truly feel about it but I don’t hate the idea but it makes me question a lot from the previous films obviously. I thought when they killer my sweet man Dewey off I’d be livid but I get it 💔 still heartbroken 😭 ( we saw him stabbed to death but we didn’t see his body so I still have a little hope for the future bc expect the unexpected ) it’s nice to have a prequel/remake with characters that are likeable and not a complete turn off! They tried to stick to the original roots of the franchise the best they could without being a total copy cat but we all know that scream has always been a movie within a movie !! It’s hilarious to watch them accuse each other of being the killer 😂 oh man it’s hilarious or how they say don’t say I’ll be right back 😈 bc you won’t !! The fact that they made sure to make the rules randy gave in the first scream such an iconic part that will live on is amazing!! Rules are rules!! Love how it was all our amazing final girls at the end 🤧💅🏻 So if you are a fan of scream 4 then you should very much fancy this one aswell !! I still feel like something was missing from this film but I can’t seem to put my finger on it yet ! But tomorrow me and my gf are going back for a second viewing and who knows maybe my rating will change or maybe 🤔 we will notice more things about it 🤷🏻‍♀️ should be a lot of fun again !! Well I hope the majority of us scream fans enjoyed it to the fullest 🤙🏼 FYI I would literally survive bc I never ever and I mean NEVER answer my god damn phone 📱 idgaf 🤪 who’s ever calling i ain’t picking it up 🙅🏻‍♀️ But they try to get you with the texting part 💬 I see y’all & imma still leave your ass on read 😂 !! But for real who has electric ⚡️ doors 🚪 that lock and unlock by your phone 😰 never 👎🏼 that’s just brings my anxiety to a new level of scared !!! This could definitely have a 6th instalment i feel like bc the motive could be to kill off that last original characters or revenge idk 🤷🏻‍♀️

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