Sleeping with the Devil ★★★

Sleeping with the devil was a very interesting TV movie despite the mixed reviews. I absolutely love Shannen Doherty & I’ve been checking out a lot of her older films. This movie was exceptionally really good for your basic TV film. Personally I’m a huge sucker for TV movies or films from lifetime. When I read that this film was based on a true story it really peaked my interest since I seen that it came up on an episode of unsolved mysteries and then later was turned into a book. This movie for me really felt heavy and dark like it was weighing on my chest and such. It’s a mixer of tragedy, happiness and bravery. It’s about a woman being raped after a parade and having to physically & mentally overcome that horrible ordeal that occurred when she was young and now moving on she shifts her focus strictly into her work and studies and training for a marathon. She then stumbles upon a charming business man who’s as strong and driven as she is. They start seeing each other and obviously if something is to good to be true in some cases it most definitely is & I’ll leave it there hoping you might feel like checking it out. I myself felt so terribly sad and I did indeed shed some tears because it’s such a heartbreaking set of unfortunate events but I’m happy that good things eventually come. Shannen Doherty played her role very well. I completely understand the title for this film and let me tell you it’s definitely not far fetched. I kinda feel like this movie will haunt me in a sense & i am most certainly going to check out the episode and maybe the book since I’m quite curious for the real truth behind sleeping with the devil.