Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★★

“And awwwaaaayyyy we go” 

Really in what world would I not fucking love a new movie by Quentin Tarantino??? If you know anything about me or just follow me on Twitter you’d know I’m the #1 Tarantino dick sucker around lmao. I’ve been BEYOND hyped for this movie ever since it was announced like 2 years ago that he’d be making his 9th movie. I actually haven’t shut up about it since and don’t see myself shutting up about it for the foreseeable future either hahahah. So excited that I got tickets like 2 weeks ago to see it 2 days in a row lol.  

The soundtrack BANGS but really what else did you expect from a. the time period and b. Tarantino?? A rewatch of this does wonders. Throughout the first watch yesterday I really wasn’t sure where the movie was going and when it was going to get there because by now we know to expect the unexpected with this mans work. And that’s just what he does here and oh boy does he deliver!!!! It is pretty damn slow, I can’t lie about that, but that really doesn’t bother me. By the time the third act rolls around you’ll be smiling ear to ear, it’s gloriously WILD. Everyone’s right when they say that this is Tarantino’s sweetest and most endearing movie to date. I dig the end so much and haven’t stopped thinking about it. 

Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt are great together, they make an awesome duo and are the cutest friends. They were the perfect choices for these roles. But the best duo of the movie is Cliff and his dog Mandy, my god what a good dog!!!! Leo was great as Rick Dalton, I am a big fan of what Tarantino does with his character by the end of the movie. But for me Brad Pitt TORE THIS UP and stole the show as Cliff Booth. I love the way he delivers his lines. Cliff is so goddamn cool and a great friend to Rick, I love that shit. The scene with him at the Spahn Ranch is so wonderfully done and one of my favorite parts of the movie. You definitely feel a shift in tone once he arrives there. 

I have been reading up on Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate ever since last night. Everyone should read about how Sharon Tate’s real life sister feels about it and her portrayal of Sharon. She does note that it is too short for her liking, but overall what she says is really sweet and I’m happy the Tate family is happy with Margot. She did a great job. 

I loved it to begin with but loved it even more on a rewatch because, like I said earlier, I wasn’t wondering “oh man what’s he gonna do next, where is he going to take this???” This time I was able to sit back and just enjoy the show. I’m still not too sure on where to rank this amongst his other work but it’s prob more towards the bottom. Go see it if you haven’t already!!!! But if you have seen it then go see this shit again ASAP!!!!

Oof wow sorry y’all this has been a surprisingly long post for me!! Quentin Tarantino’s filmography means a lot to me for personal reasons and I should be hospitalized for how much I love him lol

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