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good movies with no sex scenes to watch with your parents


adrianbalboa 102 films

Movies in which a highly respected auteur filmmaker processed their own real-life divorce by depicting Scarlett Johansson in a deteriorating relationship with a man who is a content creator of some kind

David Chen

David Chen 3 films

movies whose full title can be perfectly and comfortably sung to the rhythm and cadence of the "i know who i want to take me home" part of "closing time"

Demi Adejuyigbe

Demi Adejuyigbe 26 films

Suggested Order of a Wes Anderson Marathon for an 8th Grader Who Has Already Seen His Animated Films and is Looking Forward to The French Dispatch

Josh Larsen

Josh Larsen 7 films

male directed films about women that get it right


katie 168 films

“wait, was that natasha lyonne?” 2019

Uncut Jays

Uncut Jays 4 films

Best of 2010s

Noah Thompson

Noah Thompson 20 films

“joe who?”

Uncut Jays

Uncut Jays 2 films

If I was forced at gunpoint to rank the films I saw at NYFF this year...

Jared Gilman

Jared Gilman 8 films

you want period??? I'll show you period!!

caleb 🥪

caleb 🥪 10 films