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  • What We Do in the Shadows

    What We Do in the Shadows


    I sliced my finger open trying to cut carrots and almost passed out so I had to call the neighbor to come help me cause I was gushing blood and I was lying on the kitchen floor and eventually they helped me get to the couch and bandaged me up and I decided to watch this to calm my brain down

  • Former Cult Member Hears Music For The First Time

    Former Cult Member Hears Music For The First Time

    Yeah it’s funny but here’s what makes this all the more funny (also slightly triggering) to me...

    I worked on a set in film school where the lead talent was supposed to smash a mirror with his fist (he was using a glass breaker ??) and we were shooting out in the middle of the woods at this national park. Unfortunately, the glass didn’t smash right and homeboy sliced his entire hand open, blood gushing everywhere. The director, I kid…

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  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma

    It’s public knowledge that social media is bad for you. Everyone knows their data is being used for marketing. Propaganda and disinformation is rampant. The algorithm produces content for you to consume longer. 

    Is social media dangerous? Yes. Should kids be using social media? Probably not. Have I seen negative affects on my own life from social media usage? Sure.

    The thing is I don’t need a bunch of middle aged rich white tech guru men to tell me that.…

  • A New York Christmas Wedding

    A New York Christmas Wedding


    Let me just give you a quick recap of whatever the fuck I just watched to save you the trouble but also so you can experience how whack this movie was. 

    Jennifer hates Christmas and her future in laws. She sees a gay angel at night after a fight with her mother in law. The gay Angel is wearing cuffed skinny pants and says “GURRRL” after he gets hit by a car. He’s miraculously fine... cause he’s an Angel... and…