Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★★

“Leave this to me” 

⚠️This movie is fucking fun⚠️ 

As much as I enjoyed it, it is worth the 5 stars and I loved it so much! This is an action pack thrill ride with emotional and intense and stressful scenes and some scenes are hard to watch. This movie will give you anxiety and WTF moments. This movie is entertaining and slow at the same time but still worth seeing. This movie had freaking post molone in it, I didn’t know that, the motherfucker said to H aka Jason Statham to suck his own dick 🥴 I love these types of heists💰movies. This movie is also a freaking revenge movie. It always makes me smile and jumpy when people get there revenge In movies. I love revenge movies ☺️. Jason Statham played phenomenal in this movie, might be his best performance yet. I love the intro for the movie, it looked cool. ⚠️Spoiler⚠️ I love how it made you think that H aka Jason Statham was dead, that was the stressful part lol. I loved how this movie turned out. Jason Statham character is 😎 🔥💀 that suffocation part was a little harsh it even had that song playing while it was happening I know the song but I don’t know what’s it’s called 🤔 Those parts in movies always makes my stomach hurts. The cinematography and score was amazing, I was in love with score had a jazz vibe to it. ⚠️Spoiler⚠️ Is it weird how I kinda find it sad when I see post molone die in movies idk it still worth seeing!!!!!!! Guy Richie did phenomenal directing!!!!!!!! This movie is a fun ride and I highly recommend this!!!!!!

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