The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

I needed some time to think on this one.

There are often films that come alone that are met with glorious critical & audience appraise yet I somehow can't connect with them as much as I'd like to or other people seem to (see Roma). I thought this would be one of those films.

I've only see The Lobster when it comes to Lanthimos' other films, and I liked it enough I guess, but I didn't think it was spectacular or anything, so my expectations weren't particularly high. I'm not even particularly fond of films set in this era - I tried The Draughtsman's Contract once and could only stand about five minutes - nor am I even a huge fan of period pieces in general. So if anything my expectations were low.

Colour me pleasantly surprised. I'm still thinking it about it a week later. It was expertly shot and acted, with great writing, and man did it make me laugh out loud a few times.

Film-Rating 9/10
Cunt-Rating 10/10