Inception ★★★★★

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This is one of the most craziest, insanely wicked, and thought provoking films I have ever seen. This film will literally make you question reality itself and make you wonder what is going in the world and if I am who I am.

The direction is insane, I wish I could come up with ideas and stories as crazy as this and be able to excute it in a manner where both film fans and casual audiences can experience the depth of there reality. Christopher Nolan is a true visionary and should be regarded as such. The acting some career best of some these actors, Leonardo gives one of the best performances of the year 2010 and I am truly amazed. In terms of Joseph Gordon Levitt I still don’t think any of his performances will ever reach to the level of the his portrayal of Jon in the film “Don Jon,” but he was good here as well. Cillian Murphy obviously works very well for with Christopher Nolan being in so many of his such as the Dark Knight trilogy and Dunkirk, but it really shows here as we some fantastic acting from especially during the third act. The script was probably the weakest element of the film though still being a fantastic screenplay, but that what happens when you have such a good film.

On a technical aspect, WOWZERS! Great score, amazing visual effects that still look amazing almost 10 years later, the best imagery I have seen in a film Eternal Sunshine, and the frick was that choreography IT SO FRICKING good some of the most immersive fights I have seen. Though not everything was perfect the cinematography was just good with a few interesting shots mixed in and though the pacing is very good it did start to feel very long towards the end.

In conclusionis it better than The Dark Knight? Lol no
Is it pretty damn close? Frick yeah
Will this film put in an existential crisis like so many other films do (Here are a few The Lobster, Eternal Sunshine, Sorry to Bother You f**ked me up so hard that I am traumatized of horses)? Yes it will, as I am writing this right now I am wondering if this is just a dream or when I will die...

Verdict: 9.8/10 

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