Ready or Not ★★★½

Sorry I have been gone so long I haven’t logged a movie since like the 18th, mainly because I have been watching lots of TV (Dr. Stone is a great show btw) and when I am not doing that I am working. But I just watched this and I should hopefully be Reviewing my second favorite animated film soon.

Review: Hmmm it was fun movie, I suprised it is being classified in the horror genre; it is not scary at all, it is more like a comedy with some thriller elements. For the most part I liked it though.

I want to start with the acting, Samara Weaving is absolutely incredible as Grace in the film, I really loved her take on the character and I do not know how much was her and how much was the director’s commands, everyone else was pretty meh, at least to me. The script was surprisingly clever a lot of funny exchanges and queues, the story was equally as crazy and fun as you would expect the final 10 minutes. The directing style was interesting, he definitely brings a nice aesthetic and has enough interesting takes to make the story interesting.

Have got to say for the blood in this film is probably the most realistic of the year and it is not to say films like Midsommar or OUTIH did not have realistic blood but there are a ton of scenes where you see Samara get cut or have a bullet hole and you see the blood react at that certain point of these things happening soo yeah. The set and production design are great and once again give off a interesting feel. The soundtrack was interesting there was nothing I could call spectacular but good enough to keep my interest and same with score. The editing could have been better but it did not bother me.

In conclusion, it is a really fun story nothing groundbreaking or anything but fun nonetheless.