The Amazing Johnathan Documentary ★★★½

This may just be the most convoluted documentary I have ever watched. It is a ‘doc within a doc within another doc, and then half way through the film it adds another documentary.’

 It was definitely well made, but if I am watching a documentary about The Amazing Johnathan, I expect a documentary about The Amazing Johnathan but the majority of the film is about the director of the documentary. So like the plot of the film is about this guy named Ben who is making a documentary on the Amazing Johnathan but at the same time there are 3 other people making all making a documentary on the same dude.

WHICH MEANS WE ARE GETTING 4 DIFFERENT AMAZING JOHNATHAN DOCS THRIS YEAR??? And all of them are from different people?!?!?!?

So I know nothing about this magician guy and I did not learn much except he had a serious illness and is somehow still alive, also he does like 8 times the amount of drugs of Elton John soooooo... yeah this really a documentary of how paranoid this the director is of releasing a documentary that a billion other people are doing this year. 

So this becomes the question should I rate this film based on how good it is? BECAUSE IT IS REALLY DAMN GOOD...
Do I rate this doc on how much information I learned about The Amazing Johnathan??? BECAUSE IF WE ARE TALKING LIKE THAT I WOULD PROBABLY GIVE IT LIKE 1 and 1/2 stars.

In fact at some points in this documentary the question the validity of his illness and if this whole time he has just been pranking them the entire time. I won’t spoil the ending of the film, but I am truly considering watching the other documentary “Always Amazing” and see if they add anything else to this incredibly weird story as I am truly intrigued about there people involved in this film but especially Simon Chinn. 

In conclusion, WOW if this is not the most interesting documentary I have seen in a while. Totally bonkers and very convuluted, and though Johnathan is not the primary focus it did leave me wanting to know more know about his life.